Thomas K. Green

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Institute of Arctic Biology

University of Alaska Fairbanks

PhD University of Tennessee


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Spring 2014 Teaching

Chemistry 322 Organic Chemistry II

Chemistry 323 Organic Chem laboratory

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"Distilling is beautiful.  First of all, because it is a slow, philosophic, and silent occupation, which keeps you busy but gives you time to think of other things, somewhat like riding a bike.  Then, because it involves a metamorphosis from liquid to vapour (invisible), and from this once again to liquid; but in this double journey. up and down, purity is attained, an ambiguous and fascinating condition, which starts with chemistry and goes very far.  And finally, when you set about distilling, you acquire the consciousness of repeating a ritual consecrated by the centuries..."

Primo Levi, author of "The Periodic Table" and survivor of Auschwitz

Distillation apparatus of Zosimos, an alchemist of 3rd Century, from
Marcelin Berthelot, Collection des anciens alchimistes grecs (3 vol., Paris, 1887-1888).