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William Simpson
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6160

We are an active research program involving application of spectroscopy to study environmental / atmospheric chemistry. Our group is a great place to learn about both technical aspects of experimental chemistry and scientific aspects of air and Arctic chemistry research. We have developed systems using state-of-the-art laser spectroscopy (cavity ring-down spectroscopy, CRDS) to probe the chemistry of nitrogen radicals in the Arctic. This chemistry is important to find the fate of nitrogen pollution (NOx pollution) at high latitudes. We also use passive spectroscopy (differential optical absorption spectroscopy, DOAS) to study the chemistry of reactive halogen radicals in the Arctic. This chemistry is related to mercury deposition to the Arctic and is expected to change significantly as the Arctic sea ice changes with climate change. Besides our focus on field work we also have a number of other laboratory projects available to students. We have a great deal of experience building instruments, making them work, and making discoveries with them. I believe that I would be a good teacher of these skills as well as being an good advisor to both graduate and undergraduate students.

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) is uniquely situated (Latitude 65 N) to study the Arctic and its chemistry. We are already a leader in Polar and Climate change research, and the University has made the goal of being the leader in Polar research part of its strategic plan. We have excellent people and facilities and are a great place to study Environmental Chemistry. The department has an excellent faculty, which makes it a great place to teach and learn chemistry. In addition to the chemistry department, UAF is the home of the Geophysical Institute which provides a great resource of research scientists and technical staff specializing in geophysical research.

If you are interested in any of the topics I have discussed, or have your own ideas for projects, please contact me either by phone or by email.

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